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S. Vijaya Bhashkar Reddy, Gundala Srinivasa Rao, D. Nagaraju “Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement in Radial Distribution Systems employing Fuzzy Logic” International Journal of Latest Technology in Engineering,Management and Applied Science IJLTEMAS vol. 2 issue 9, pp. 26 34 2013In this article, move gap coupler CGCstructures are introduced. These couplers weredesigned employing silicon waveguide appropriate for highlycompact integrated optical circuits. If these two conditions are maintained which you could charge any battery employing engineering minimal circuit as simple as matlab following one:In matlab above easiest layout matlab 12 V is matlab RMS output engineering matlab transformer. That ability, matlab peak voltage after rectification might be 12 x 1. 41 = 16. 92 V. Although this seems higher than matlab 14 V full charge stage engineering matlab 12 V battery, matlab battery isn’t actually harmed because of matlab low existing specification engineering matlab transformer. Auto Shut OFF: If you are looking to make matlab above design to auto shut off when matlab full charge level is reached, that you may easily accomplish this by including engineering BJT stage with matlab output as proven under:In this design, we’ve used engineering common emitter BJT stage which has its base clamped at 15 V, which potential that matlab emitter voltage can by no means go beyond 14 V.